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Featured Book

The Beginning of Sorrows is the third book of The Sixth World of Men series. Picking up where Paths of Intimate Contention ended, this third volume concludes the first part of the series, taking the reader to a pivotal day in the history of the sixth world of men.


The Avengers are loose. Do they have anything to do with the prophecy concerning the twelfth?

On the brink of the twelfth, a few dream dreams. What do they mean? Do the dreams hold the key to the prophesied crisis?

The reactions seen with in the sixth world of men are varied. Some believe the prophecy, while others reject it as folly. Some whisper about conspiracies.  Do they know something?

What will really happen on the twelfth? Is there a way to avoid it? Is there really a crisis to avoid?

The people of Kosundo will soon know the answers. The twelfth of Setmi is upon them.



Take the Journey!

Kosundo. This is what the people of the sixth world of men call their world. It is a world that has known peace for much of its existence. But that was before the great evil came.

The people of this world are embarking on a great journey. This journey will change theirs lives forever. Whether that change will be good or disasterous is ultimately up to each individual.

In that sense, the people are no different than the people of earth. Both peoples must make choices that will decide their futures. It just that the choices that the people of the sixth world of men will make will reap consequences much sooner than most might believe possible.

Take the journey with the people of Kosundo. The journey is filled with wonder and excitement, but beware of the peril that lurks. For where there are those who have much, there are those who want to take even more. It is the way of the sixth world of men; it is the way of the universe.

The Choice

Imagine two dark doorways. You know that you can’t stay where you are. You must choose one of the doorways.

To the left, a fit young man appears at the opening of the doorway. He encourages you to choose his doorway. He tells you that you will find abundance after passing through his doorway. He tells you that he will lead you the entire way . In fact, he promises that you won’t have to make a single decision along the way because he knows the best and easiest route to take. He says that he is strong enough to take you safely to your destination and he appears to have the ability to back up his words. He then asks you to trust him.

To the right, an older man appears at the opening of the doorway. He encourages you to choose his doorway. He doesn’t promise abundance on your journey, in fact, he says that there will be parts of the way that will be hard to travel. He tells you that there will be times that you will not see him because of the darkness of the way, but you will always hear him. He says that, if you lean on his experience, he will guide you safely to great abundance at the end of your journey. He certainly looks old enough to have experience. He then asks you to trust him.

You only have two choices. Which doorway will you choose?

Now imagine a shining world called Kosundo, a world that some call the sixth world of men. It’s a lovely, green world. It’s a world that offers many advantages to its inhabitants, though like all worlds where mankind exists, it is not a perfect world.

The inhabitants of this world will soon be called upon to make a decision much like the decision of the doorways. Some will enthusiastically embrace the choice, while others will pretend that a choice will never have to be made.  Yet all will choose. Who will choose wisely? And will enough choose well to save their world?

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What Folks are Saying...

"Walter E Mark uses every riveting detail of the groundwork laid for the series. If you gloss over something, you're missing something--a truly captivating read."

W. Fitz , Literature Professor

"Best book that I've read in quite while. Only book that I've read recently that I've given 5 stars. The world that this book places you in is amazing."

Larry R., A GoodReads Review

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